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5 Things Trump Said Throughout His Cincinnati Trip

CINCINNATI — If you keep an eye the prez didn’t fail during Monday’s speech in Greater Cincinnati.

Listed below are Just Five things as evaluated by Politics Extra Trump said at Blue Ash manufacturer Sheffer Corp.:

On Democrats

Trump: “They would rather see Trump do poorly compared to our country do nicely. It’s greedy. It got to a point where I really didn’because it was energy t even want to appear a lot over to that side. You have half of the space going crazy, crazy, they want to do something great. And you have the flip hand on news that is positive, they had been just like passing and un-American. Treasonous was said by someone. I mean, yeah, I figure, why not. Can we predict them treason? Why not.  They didn’t appear to love our country. It’s very, very miserable.”  

Context: The president was referring to Democratic lawmakers’ lack of reaction.

Politics Extra’s take: Let us get this right: If you do not clap, cheer, nod your head while the president is talking you’re betraying your country? That’s dictatorial. The only real surprise here is that he didn’t predict the press treasonous .    

On the NFL protests

Trump: “We’re all in this together. We’re one people, one team and one household. And we’re saluting one American flag that is amazing. And everybody stood up. There was no one. We’ve made a lot of improvement, have not we? That is a big improvement. And on top of that, it was a good game.”

Context: The president was speaking about employees benefiting from the tax cuts, and all of a sudden, he brings up the NFL.

PX’s take:  He didn’t consult with  NFL players as SOBs  that moment. Talk about a large improvement.  

On the economy

Trump: “rsquo & We. ”

Context:  There was not any context. He blatantly said this 20 seconds into his speech, at the center of expressing his love for Ohio and Cincinnati.

PX’s take: Sure Mr. President, about that?

The Dow plummeted more than 1,500 points throughout Trump speech. It closed down 1,175 points — down 4.6percent  —  to the day.

On the ‘Good sleuth’

Trump: “Oh, but did we catch them? Oh, did we catch them in the act. They are embarrassed. They never believed they’d get caught. We caught ’em. We captured ’em. Hey, so much pleasure, like the excellent sleuth.”

Context: A Sheffer worker had only left the stage after speaking about what he’s going to do with all the cash saved from the tax cuts. Trump resisted the man, then said this.

PX’s take: We believe Trump was speaking about the Nunes memo, but it is not completely clear. Republicans say the memo demonstrates there is bias against Trump in the Russia evaluation, and the president tweeted over the weekend that he thinks the four-page document vindicated him.  

On being humble

Trump: “I am non-braggadocios.”    

Context: He was in mid-brag about his role in helping the market. What’s more, the entire purpose of Trump’s visit was to brag about his tax cuts. Halfway through his speech, he boasted about getting “good marks” because of his State of the Union address.

PX’s take: LOL.