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Lyft Riders Can Add To Fares And Contribute To Black Girls Code

SAN FRANCISCO — Beginning Friday, you are able to round your Lyft fares and give the extra cash to Black Girls Code, a nonprofit that introduces girls of color.

Over the past eight months, over $ 4 million has been increased by Lyft riders to organizations this way, by turning on the feature from the app which rounds every semester up and contributing to the gap.

Lyft’s head of diversity and inclusion, Tariq Meyers, says the Round Up & Donate campaign is the beginning of a new venture with Black Ladies Code and its founder, Kimberly Bryant, that is critical to the ride-hailing firm’s efforts to grow the amount of women of color working at Lyft and in engineering.

“We want to introduce a company which we really care about into the world and provide the people with the opportunity to participate,” Meyers said.

Lyft denies the partnership with Black Girls Code is a dig rival Uber, which had provided a $125,000 grant to the non-profit in   August after  a disastrous spate of negative  publicity on its treatment of women.   Bryant turned down the offer.

Bryant says she had been skeptical about Uber’s sincerity as it started to hand licenses as part of a $3 million commitment to organizations focused on diversity in technology. She was also underwhelmed by the six-figure deal when piled up against the1.2 million award Uber gave  Girls Who Code, a nonprofit working to close the gender gap in technology by teaching women to code.

Fans of Black Ladies Code rallied on interpersonal media to crowdfund the money Bryant rejected. Bryant states Black Girls Code ended up raising close to $200,000.

“We were not pleased with a few of the things which were happening in the organization around the treatment of women as well as the remedy of underrepresented minorities,” she explained about Uber. “We also wanted to make certain that we were supported in a manner that we felt we deserved.”  

Since launching Black Girls Code at 2011, Bryant has introduced more than 8,000  women to computer science using 13 chapters at the U.S. and one international chapter in Johannesburg.   By 2040, Bryant wants to achieve 1 million girls.

Approval from a respected diversity activist like Bryant’s stamp is likely to provide Lyft a increase in its diversity efforts.  

“we would like to find companies making a fantastic faith effort and putting some tangible initiatives supporting their assurance for diversity,” Bryant explained. “While there’s still certainly much more work that needs to be performed, Lyft really believes in raising diversity and inclusion within their workforce and they think in being a strong supporter of this in the community.”

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