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We Want To Earn Your Confidence

Trust is the basis of any strong relationship, constructed in ways small and large, over time. In 2018, we would like to concentrate with you on the confidence in our connection, and we are hoping you will join us.

You deserve policy that is accurate, honest and responsible, and we would like you to believe that’therefore what we’re.   It’s our mission to function as a forum for understanding and unity.

We are aware that trust in the media is extremely low.   At a 2016 Gallup poll, only 32% of Americans said they’d “a great bargain” & “a reasonable quantity” of trust from the news websites. As a business, we in 2018 can — and should  — do.  

Bearing that in mind, USA TODAY is undertaking an attempt by continuing to participate in a nationwide effort called the Trusting News project to demonstrate our own credibility.  

The project is a nationwide effort to test.

This past year, we surveyed almost 500 individuals about their degree of trust. Following that, we narrowed the polls to become  feedback from readers with varying levels of trust in the news. We heard a great deal. They’re paying attention, although survey-takers believe a news source. They want to have more transparency and attentiveness.

Starting in January, we’ll be researching new initiatives which explain why we do what we do and who we are. We’ll reveal multiple sides of a narrative and transparency in our reporting efforts.   On becoming responsive and accessible to you and we & rsquo; ll focus.

Adhere to this page and our work online, in our apps, on social media, and in print and come to life.  

Week of Jan. 29